A consortium led by Hunt and Amber Infrastructure were selected through a competitive procurement process by the City of Annapolis to re-develop the existing Hillman Garage and implement resiliency solutions for the City Dock in downtown Annapolis.

Annapolis Mobility & Resilience Partners (AMRP or the team) is comprised of the following team members:



BCT Architects


Walker Consultants

Mahan Rykiel

Premium Parking

Via Mobility

The Annapolis City Dock sits at the heart of the community's historic and economic district and is the City's primary interface with the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay. Protecting the City Dock against sea-level rise and flooding is essential for advancing the City's economy and safeguarding the City's cultural and historical heritage. The project's resiliency solutions will help transform the City Dock area into a vibrant community space with shaded gathering spaces, a splash pad, a raised promenade, and seating areas. The project is being developed as a Progressive Public-Private Partnership.


About the City Dock Transformation:

Annapolis' City Dock serves as the 'Gateway to Chesapeake Bay' and continues to be a working maritime center surrounded by historic buildings and an active commercial center with thriving local businesses supporting residents and visitors alike.

Annapolis finds itself at a crisis point consistently facing rising sea levels and floodwaters which disrupt the lives of downtown residents and threaten the very viability of its' businesses. Annapolitans have seized upon this challenge by coming together as a community to create an ambitious strategy to guarantee the City's long-term resiliency. The City Dock Action Committee (CDAC) with 92 stakeholders, developed an action plan to 'Reimagine Downtown Annapolis' future while tackling the immediate threat posed by flooding.

The CDAC partnered with the USNA, National Park Service, Historic Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and the Urban Land Institute to ensure that this plan will proceed forward with the support and commitment of a broad range of stakeholders. The CDAC reached out and engaged hundreds of residents, non-profit organizations, businesses and organizations to bring a 'Consensus Plan' to fruition. There is tremendous momentum and a sense of urgency to make this project a reality!

'Transforming City Dock' envisions a reinvigorated and welcoming city Dock where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy Annapolis' stunning waterfront complete with:

  • A world class 'Proud Public Space' with Sweeping views of the Bay;
  • A resiliency barrier to protect Downtown Annapolis coupled with deployable flood protection measures;
  • A continuous promenade connecting people to the 'Magic of the Water;
  • A robust mobility system to bring workers, residents and visitors to the waterfront; and,
  • A historic Maritime Center serving as the 'Gateway to the Chesapeake'.

The City Dock Action Plan is underway! A consortium of nationally recognized firms have been retained by the City to prepare schematic and construction drawings and to build the City Dock Project with Hillman Garage.

The feasibility analysis is currently underway with construction for Hillman Garage to begin Winter 2022 through Winter 2023, and final completion for the entire City Dock project anticipated for Spring 2024.

There will be an ongoing outreach and community engagement effort underway throughout the duration of the City Dock Project. This will include the active participation of the City Dock Action Committee, Downtown Businesses and Residents alike in work sessions, focus groups and interviews.

A robust communication plan will inform the public, local businesses and residents of activities during the entire construction phase of the project.


Documents & Presentations


Key Dates & Events:

Pre-Development Phase:
Jan. 2021 - 2021

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Design Hillman Garage
  • Preliminary Design City Dock
  • Interim Mobility Strategy

Development Phase:
July 2021 - Sept. 2022

  • City Dock Design
  • Comprehensive Parking and Mobility Strategy

Construction Phase:
Feb. 2022 - March 2022

  • Coordination/logistics with Business and Residential community surrounding construction

Work Sessions with elected Officials, Boards and Community

City Council - Dec. 15, 2020
CDAC - Dec. 17, 2020
Downtown Businesses - Jan. 15, 2021
WORA Residents - Feb. 18, 2021
HPC/Planning Commission - Feb. 25, 2021
City Council - March 18, 2021
CDAC - March 25, 2021
HPC - April 22, 2021
Downtown Businesses - May 11, 2021
WORA/Residents - Late May, 2021
CDAC - June, 2021

Stakeholder Groups

Business, Residents, Maritime, Parking, Hillman Garage - June 2021

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